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Friday, September 15, 2006

Book of the Year by Stan Skrzeszewski

The book of the Year is not a slogan. Nor this blog is about rocket science fiction. The title of this post simply recognizes the fact that there are Librarians who serve as Knowledge Managers. And there is no dearth of leadership in this evolving professional genre. Stanislaw (Stan) Skrzeszewski is one such leading expert, I believe

Stan Skrzeszewski is a librarian by training and a knowledge entrepreneur by inclination. He is a frequent speaker on topics ranging from cosmopolitanism to the animate nature of information. Stan founded Advanced Strategic Management in 1992, where he continues as a consultant specializing in bringing people and technology together.

The Knowledge Entrepreneur by Stan Skrzeszewski. (Scarecrow Press, 2006. 151pp ISBN 0810852918).
Book Description
The Knowledge Entrepreneur introduces the principles, skills, and knowledge required to be a knowledge entrepreneur or intrapreneur. It outlines the process for developing and implementing business plans and proposals for knowledge-based initiatives. It also offers insight into the nature of knowledge, innovation, and entrepreneurship. For the individual entrepreneur who is just starting to develop a business concept, employees who want to become employers, and for entrepreneurially-minded people working in larger information-related organizations (e.g. libraries and information, technology, and software businesses), this book will be an invaluable tool.
Book Review, By Maggie Weaver:

Stan is a library leader turned philosopher, and this book clearly indicates that the philosopher was always there under the librarian. In fact, Stan runs a series of Philosopher's Cafes, of which the latest is “A Conversation on the Knowledge Entrepreneur as Cosmopolitan, Nomadic Barbarian." continue reading from CASLIS Special Issues – April 2006 Edition

Table of Contents
1 An introduction to entrepreneurship 1
2 Traits and skills of knowledge entrepreneurs 13
3 Trends : a source of entrepreneurial opportunity 27
4 The knowledge entrepreneur and innovation 47
5 Developing a knowledge venture 65
6 Knowledge business structures and financing 71
7 Developing proposals : planning for an entrepreneurial project 81
8 Marketing for the knowledge entrepreneur 87
9 Knowledge entrepreneurs 97
10 Exporting knowledge services and products 131

Another review @ Info Career Trends by Elizabeth Shankle is Director of Research for Aretao.

I strongly recommend this book to every one interested in inforstrucure (I mean, this as: in addition to infrastructure).

For more info. reviews, sample readings, etc. See the Scarecrow Press Web site
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