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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Literature Survey - Trends and Prospects

Senior legal librarians (SLLs) are increasing in importance at their firms as the new knowledge management technologies they govern become more crucial to delivering top-quality legal services. According to recent research by Sweet & Maxwell among the top 100 UK law firms, more than 20% of SLLs now either report directly to the managing partner or chief executive officer, or sit on the most senior management board of their firms.
Knowledge management is now at the very core of many firms, and because of this, SLLs are increasingly important. The old perception of legal librarians working away in small, dusty libraries, searching through volumes of legal texts is completely divorced from reality. Continue reading: From librarian to knowledge manager /The Lawyer. London: Oct 4, 2004. pg. 29

This blogosphere, then, tends to provide a reflection for a knowledge manager or one who is managing knowledge

Holistically speaking there is a strong link between the following: record management, information mangement, library management and knowledge management. More about this link will follow in another post.

Much dig is already done by two Mary's, (co-incidence: Mary is a Latinized version of the Arabic name Miriam, etymologists may argue, however) information professionals--And, Save the time of the knowledge mangers:
A bibliography:

  • knowledge management and librarianship resources: Almost all resources about KM and LIS, Maryam
    A literature capsule:
  • to remember, Mary
    and From Librarian to Knowledge Manager and Beyond:/By Doug Church ...

    A few more sources on role & / or place of Librarians as Knowledge Managers:

  • The Road to Collaboration: Librarian as Knowledge Manager, Melinda Orebaugh, The Health Science Librarians of Illinois, 2004 Annual Conference.
    This paper will provide a brief overview of knowledge management, outline skills required for librarians wishing to accept knowledge management responsibilities, and describe the author’s personal experiences and responsibilities as director of corporate knowledge at Gundersen Lutheran Health System.
    Tools of Knowledge Management consists 70% of services and 30% of Technologies. Librarians provide these 70% services. This indicates the role of Librarians as Knowledge Manager / Knowledge Sharing facilitator
  • LIS Professionals can play the role in KM process @ knowledge Management Resources, by ROHIT SAHU
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  • Google for much more
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  • Maryam Sarrafzadeh The implications of knowledge management for the library and information professions

    To sum up,three major roles are waiting for librarians to assume withthe coming of the new millennium: global informationprovider, educator and trainer, knowledge manager...

    Knowledge manager
    The shift from distributing information to managingknowledge is becoming an independent production factor next to labor, capital and natural resources. Knowledge isevolving into intellectual assets on which businessorganizations around the world are dependent for theirsurvival [Bonaventura, 1997].

    Library managers: knowledge coordinator ...
    Librarians: knowledge creator...

    Continue reading The expanding roles of librarians for the new millennium, by Jinhong Tang, IASSIST Quarterly, Spring 1998

  • From my desktop:
    Book Reviews:
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  • A New e-journal: KnowGenesis

    Articles, essays, etc.:
  • Nexus between Knowledge Management and Library Science
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  • Vertical and tacit: Multifaith and Knowledge Management in Perspective
  • Knowledge Management Applications in Multifaith & / or Multicultural Transactions Revisited

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